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CCBill no longer process for our sites
As of Feb 2021 we no longer process with CCBill. And this is why:

Here is a $34.99 charge from CCBill:
2021-01-31 for £31.68(GBP) [$41.35]

Here is a $34.99 charge from Vendo:

£24.99 every month [] 

That's right CCBill convert to £31.68 Vendo convert to £24.99 - the correct rate!

All subscriptions to CCBill have been cancelled now. Please only use Vendo to sign up to our sites.
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And another reason we no longer use CCBill - check out this bullshit email:

 Important Announcement for CCBill Account #:

March 03,2021

RE: Upcoming Change in Your VISA Sponsored Merchant Registration Requirements


As the processor for your website’s online VISA transactions, we wanted to inform you of an important change in how we are required to handle your VISA Sponsored Merchant Registration.

Beginning on April 17, 2021, VISA, Inc. will begin classifying the Merchant Category Code 7273 (for U.S, Canada, EU, and UK merchants), and Merchant Category Code 5967 (for EU and UK merchants) as High-Brand Risk categories.

The Credit Card Associations use Merchant Category Codes (MCCs) to classify each business for processing payments.  These four-digit MCC codes define the business type for each merchant account.

As a payment processor, CCBill works with VISA and the other major card brands while following their guidelines and policies.  We are updating our policies to support this VISA deadline, which will include requiring CCBill merchants that are classified under the MCC 7273 and/or MCC 5967 to pay an annual VISA’s High-Risk Registration Fee.

Because your website(s) is classified MCC 7273 and/or MCC 5967, we wanted to notify you of this important upcoming VISA mandate. This new VISA High-Risk Merchant classification for your account does require you to pay an annual $500 (USD) VISA High-Risk Sponsored Merchant Registration Fee by Wednesday, April 14, 2021, prior to VISA’s April deadline.

Please note, payment of this VISA High-Risk Registration Fee is mandatory, and required to be paid annually to VISA, Inc. via your payment processor, for your business to continue to process VISA cards.  if you choose to cancel your VISA Sponsored Merchant Account you will forfeit your ability to offer your new and existing customers the option to pay using VISA as a payment option (this includes new sales and recurring transactions).  

If you wish to learn more about how the credit card associations handle low-risk and high-risk accounts, please visit our CCBill Merchant Knowledge Base.

In the upcoming days, our CCBill management team will reach out to you to discuss VISA High-Risk Registration fee payment options for your CCBill Account.

If you would prefer to speak with us sooner regarding the VISA High-Risk Registration Fee payment, or the VISA High-Risk Sponsored Merchant Registration process, representatives from the CCBill Merchant Support team are available to discuss your account. They can be reached at 800.510.2859, by email at, or on Live Chat.

Thank you,
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Right Visa wants $500, Mastercard want $500 - how about you as a third party processor who benefit from us pay half of this BULLSHIT FEE
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(03-03-2021, 10:50 PM)Real Punter Wrote: Right Visa wants $500, Mastercard want $500 - how about you as a third party processor who benefit from us pay half of this BULLSHIT FEE

Quite simply its a TAX. They charge stupid rates for adult anyway. What shop would pay M/c and Visa over 10% fee for every transaction.

Oh because its adult? What century we living in.

It's a rip off tax call it what it is cunts.
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