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UK Adult Producers (UKAP) – The Naked Truth
This is only a little of my experience with UKAP – UK Adult Producers…more my follow later.

Having been in other industries I thought joining the adult industry association in the UK would be a good move. In other lines of work I have been in I always found people helpful and the association provided certain benefits helping me with my work.
Unfortunately it does not work like that in the UK Adult Industry. It seems UKAP is always run by people with an agenda and often a destructive one at that. Some examples:

The first “leader” of UKAP suggested and arranged a meeting with his choice for US DVD distributor. Stupidly I signed up for this and never received any money for the first 2 DVDS released in USA. The guy just kept my money. The next great collaborative adventure was IPTV. We all thought this worth a go but the leader did not telling us it was a waste of time. A few months passed and this leader resigned from UKAP. Two weeks later he was in business with an IPTV channel…hmmm nice one.

Not to be deterred a certain Terry Stephens persuaded us all to go with his great IPTV scheme. Dave Gray refused as he did not like or trust Terry. I stupidly agreed, gave Terry 10 scenes and once again never saw any money.

Health Issues – What has UKAP done for UK Health?

There was a great deal of work done to create central testing / have one cert with all tests on it, but this time it was Dave Gray who put paid to the idea. Being a Yorkshire man he hated the idea of paying for certs. He always got them for free. So for his own personal reasons he vetoed this idea and in so doing made the health situation worse in the UK. Nice one Mr Gray!

UKAP Forum

For nearly 10 years I hosted and ran the UKAP forum at my expense…with no thanks from anybody. When I went into partnership with Darren of Nylon Stocking Sluts we were struggling to make his site make money. I suggested we do some TV work via a 3rd party who had helped Dave Gray. I told Darren Dave would not be happy about it and was he sure that he wanted to do it. Darren replied something along the lines “I don’t give a fuck, it’s everyman for himself…we need the money.”

Well sure enough Dave Gray did not like it and worked away on Darren until he contacted me on Xmas Day to say he was no longer interested – even though a deal was imminent. Basically Darren bottled it as he thought we were just 2 “gonzo producers” as he put it. I split with Darren and went on to produce 2 TV series, netting me £3K from each one. So who’s a gonzo producer now Darren?

Dave did not like this and conspired again to take away the UKAP forum from me. I had run this for 10 years, at my expense, and if he had bothered to call me and say I want it back he could have had it. But no what does he do? He goes behind my back, creates another forum and then gets Terry to post about it on BGAFD saying the forum I run is not UKAP anymore. What a bunch of fucking idiots!

So yes I was expelled from UKAP like that…but to be honest they were doing me a favour…since I have been out of UKAP life has been so much better. The back stabbing and bitching that goes on in UKAP is beyond belief. I honestly believe they only want people in the organisation so they can control them for their own ends. They do not care about the UK adult industry…just themselves. Sad really…

And to end...the latest leader...a certain Mr Terry Stephens is known as a busy body who is always in peoples business mainly to try and make himself stay relevant to the UK adult industry. Without this he has nothing going on...he needs it to feed his ego...again very sad. God help the current membership with him at the helm. I lost more money through him than anybody else.


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