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TVX Website
Why sign up to the TVX website? They do not allow you to download films - see posts below from BGAFD. On yoou can download all films.

TVX does not allow you to use paypal or cash both of which you can use to sign up to

The TVX website does age verification - they check you against mobile phone records and electoral roll and keep your data. does not do this.

You know it makes sense sign up to today!!!


Author: Lightningboy
Date: 10-08-14 22:18

Anyone signed up or been on there recently?...I see that there's a £1 trial for a month and was wondering whether it's possible to download any of the stuff on there or is it watch only?

Quite a few of my faves are on there (Lara Latex,Michelle Thorne,Katie K,Emma Butt etc) and they seem to have tons of their content on there but want to know whether there are download restrictions (yeah I know it's only a quid but would appreciate any advice/reviews).

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Re: TelevisionX website?
Author: MegaTon
Date: 10-08-14 22:46

None of the stuff on there is downloadable.

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Re: TelevisionX website?
Author: Lightningboy
Date: 10-09-14 11:04

Ok..won't bother then..thanks for the warning.
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