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The decline of UK Porn
Interesting article on state of porn in UK here:

Predictably, all the speakers at the conference are men, although there are a handful of women in the audience. The delegates appear to split into two groups. There are corporate executives in suits, people such as Mitch Farber, from NETbilling “the largest payment gateway, merchant account acquirer and call centre provider in the adult space”, who are making money from back-office services to the industry, profiting from the fact that the more mainstream companies won’t process porn payments. And there are people who are in the industry partly because they hope to make money, but actually because they really like porn.

Ben Yates, a graphic designer who is hoping to make a living from producing porn films, comes into the second category. He scrapes together about £1,200-£1,300 a month from selling his films, not enough to abandon his day job. “I can’t make a living from it at the moment – not with piracy, regulation, overheads. It’s in a bad state,” he says. “But I like the industry. It’s corny to say, but there are great people, and I like the creative aspects of the business.”
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