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Female midget/dwarf escorts

Okay, I understand the politically correct term is "little people".

Anyone ever spotted one of these ever!? Seems there are one or two in the States/Canada.

I've searched high and low (excuse the pun) but no luck. Also, not much luck searching the web.

I'm keen to try one but it seems they are as rare as good hair days for Donald Trump!

Thanks guys.
Now this is an interesting request! Some UK porn has been filmed with dwarfs such as "Circus Extreme" shot by Kendo.

There is a thread on PunterNet about this and the closest anybody came to a recommendation was this:

OK I have just visited a little lady who advertises under petite_petra on the other site. She is a genuine 4ft 7" and is an absolute a little sex pixie.
Only down side is her venue is a bit shabby and is on the outskirts of Newcastle. (nowt wrong with Newcastle just a bit awkward to find)
Because I adore tiny ladies I overlooked these issues. I am 5ft 6, but I felt like a giant.

BTW - the other site is adultwork which they are not allowed to mention on PunterNet!

Hope that helps!
Hey Jay K,

Thanks for the info. I've researched it and herewith my findings:

Seems Petite Petra is lo longer a lady of the night. She had a website ( but that is down. No sign of her on the 'other site' too. I did find this though:

As for the 'midget' that appeared in "Cricus Extreme", she doesn't look like one to me. Here is her filmography and pics:

On the right track tough...

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