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Pocketbomb - Banbury - Powerman - 03-07-2012

I saw Pocketbomb who also models as Leah Lixx on Monday. I had a really good time with her. She's under 5' in height but nicely proportioned. We had a 1 1/2 hour GFE session. Her oral techniques are brilliant - she deep-throated me all the way down to my balls prior to a lengthy cowgirl.

If there was a problem, it was me as after I came, I was Powerlessman despite a lot of attention from Leah.

Well worth seeing although she doesn't see more than one man a day so can be hard to make a date with.

She's being given a seeing to by Ben Dover at the Private Club at the end of this month but I do think that our Jay also needs to get round to film her for this site.

RE: Pocketbomb - Banbury - Powerman - 03-22-2012

Annoyingly, she now seems to have given up doing incalls. Says she needs to concentrate on her film career...

RE: Pocketbomb - Banbury - Pocketbomb - 05-24-2012

Hi Guys,

I googled my name as i often do and found this.

I just want to clarify a few things as its important to me that you have the right impression of me.

1) Why did i not see many clients?

I'm not an escort as such, im a young lady who doesn't believe in relationships but had some things i wanted to explore. You guys helped me explore some of my sexual fantasies, where i couldn't do this with anyone i would knew. Hence when i accept a booking its on my terms, and dependant on how i feel. I care about whether im horny or not so I'm giving off the right vibes and you get the time you deserve and pay for. I would like to add, i do not cancel meetings, as i used to ask guys to call me back on the day. To say 'I'm providing a service and should be consistent,' is wrong. I'm NOT a service provider, I'm a young lady who wanted a bit of fun without commitment, I couldn't sleep at night if i thought id given a guy a substandard service and took their money anyway! Those girls are hardened SP's which sadly I'm not. If i where, Id have a salary to match theirs

2) Why did i stop incalls, then escorting all together?

My windows where smashed in with a brick. All my friends found my profile, so as you can imagine i wanted to die! I do miss escorting so so much :-(

2) Why change your name?

I had to change my name from pocketbomb for obvious reasons. I'm concerned i may have to relocate should the name 'Pocketbomb' be linked to my new name. So apart from this i would really appreciate it if you would no longer refer to this so i can live in peace. PLEASE XXX

3) Are you fat?

Yes I'm a woman! I think I'm fat! I'm 4'11 and 8.7lbs AND A SIE 10! This means i have a BMI of 24, a healthy BMI is between 20-25. So I'm safely inbetween that, however could do with loosing 7lbs. Maybe i should escort more? Work it off!

4) What do you do?

I'm a scriptwriter and just started producing. I have launched myself as a model despite my '7lbs' of chubb which James you so kindly pointed out, but hey busty cookie does it why cant i? I have a full naked picture on twitter taken 'After the Shaftas.' Decide for yoursel?

I really hope this has cleared some stuff up and we can all be the best of friends!

RE: Pocketbomb - Banbury - jonjjl - 05-25-2012

The last post strikes me as very strange. Anyone else feel this?

RE: Pocketbomb - Banbury - boab - 05-25-2012

not particularly. she doesn't wish to escort anymore and wants to keep any references to her escorting in the past as quiet as possible.

RE: Pocketbomb - Banbury - jonjjl - 05-30-2012

Just thought it odd that most of what Leah has put wasn't even brought up on here. Maybe its just me.

RE: Pocketbomb - Banbury - xlondone - 01-31-2013

(05-25-2012, 08:28 PM)boab Wrote: not particularly. she doesn't wish to escort anymore and wants to keep any references to her escorting in the past as quiet as possible.

yeah, they are all virgins....