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Squirting Escorts - stu6679 - 11-13-2010

Tongue Anyone know of any genuine squirting escorts in or around the London area?? The ones I tend to find don't tend to be that good looking? Would be interesting if anyone knows of one as I'm v interested, cheers

RE: Squirting Escorts - nptonguy - 11-15-2010

There is a lady on adultwork who goes by the name of "Juicey Jenna". She occasionally tours London among other places. I've seen her twice myself and I'd certainly recommend her.

RE: Squirting Escorts - stu6679 - 11-16-2010

Cool, I'll have to give her a try, cheers

RE: Squirting Escorts - Does not work - 12-29-2010

Debby & Tania do squirt Wink