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The Odd Weekend Of A Very Occasional Punter
Be warned, I ramble a lot in this as I recount the story of my punting weekend!

I hadn't seen any WG's in a fair while but decided after much perving on AW and varying Agency sites that I would head into Leeds and spend the night in a hotel and book a couple of escorts.
It proved to be not quite so simple......

Basically I had planned on seeing one girl from an agency (where u never see their face) and one from AW who I'd know what they'd look like just in acse the first one didn't work out.

I plumped for Savannah of VIP as I had always wanted to see a black girl, but my plan to book any one of these girls via AW failed through being unable to contact them.....
plus an additional independent girl well known for shagging Ronaldo!

Booking girls through AW had proved to be a nightmare, due whether it being to them not answering their phone or not having a number available and not reading their emails, even though they were 'Available Now'.

Ah well I thought, still got what looks like a fine black girl coming.
When she arrived (and I apologise for saying it) my heart sank, as she wasn't that attractive to me, but I'm not one for sending girls away. Added to the initial lack of attraction, she had put on a fair amount of weight compared to the photos and the worst of the lot, was probably hairier all over her body than I was.
Needless to say, I ain't no pornstar, and nothing was happening or at least not enough, so after nearly an hour of hard work she departed, with me feeling a bit miffed.

So I got back on the computer determined to make up for this. And boy did I manage to pull one out of the bag.
I got through by phone to Chloe of XFactor fame and she agreed to come around to my hotel at 11pm. Boy was I excited, especially as she had agreed I could film the sesh (purely for my own use).
I got a few texts from her before she was due, mainly revolving around how she was on her way (parlance for running late) and a couple asking if I wanted a threesome with her sexy friend.
When she arrived around 11.40pm, the obvious happened. The security at the hotel clocked her straight away, so I went down to rescue her, but they weren't going to let her in, especially after she claimed to be my girlfriend whilst I claimed she was a cousin Rolleyes
I walked her back through Leeds till she decided she would get a taxi home. Her sexy friend came along in a taxi to pick her up, but not before being mobbed by two different lots of pissed locals delighted to get the chance to have their picture taken with the local celeb!

So a frustrating night, so again I decided I'd make up for it in the morning, and book a girl.
Going via AW again led to call after call not answered until I finally tracked this girl....
Having claimed she couldn't do an incall, I booked a hotel simply to spend the afternoon, and booked for 2pm. On the half hour every half hour it was pushed back to 4pm.
By 4.30 she hadn't shown, so I desperatly went via an agency I knew were reliable and had pics of thier girls up and plumped for......
By 5.30pm I showed up at her door frustrated and simply wanting to get the deed done. She was a very nice girl, and attractive.
She was however tiny (probably a size 4) and whilst she screamed liked no other girl ever seemingly loving the encounter, it was probably more screams of pain at me going hammer and tongs due to the weekends frustrations at one of the most petite escorts you ever saw.
She kissed me goodbye, but I swear she was holding her ribs as I exited the door!

I think it will be a fair few months before I ever go down the WG route again!
OMG what a weekend you have had. And you got to meet Chloe Mafia - wicked! Hope you got your pic taken with her. I always thought the problem with her was she is too famous now. It will be a problem getting her in and out of any hotel I reckon lol.

re: adultwork. My only suggestion is your email girls about a week before you want to see them. Get an email banter going and then get a phone number off them. Even then I agree there can be a lot of time wasters / no shows. It's a very frustrating site for that.

Glad you got some action in the end. Masie looks well hot (ut oh there's my new year''s resolution going out the windown again. No more teenagers...arrhhh!).

Thanks for sharing - very interesting weekend Smile
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I great story there boab.

Can I please just ask where you found details of Chloe and the independent Ronaldo girl?
Thanks in advance.
(01-18-2011, 03:02 PM)_Rich_ Wrote: I great story there boab.

Can I please just ask where you found details of Chloe and the independent Ronaldo girl?
Thanks in advance.

There is a profile for Chloe on adultwork:

Is it actually her answering emails though?
UK Escorts
Real Escorts! Real Sex!
(01-18-2011, 03:55 PM)Jay K Wrote:
(01-18-2011, 03:02 PM)_Rich_ Wrote: I great story there boab.

Can I please just ask where you found details of Chloe and the independent Ronaldo girl?
Thanks in advance.

There is a profile for Chloe on adultwork:

Is it actually her answering emails though?

She is defo the one talking to me via AW at the moment, but I originally contacted her by phone.

The two girls that told the story of their Ronaldo shagging used to be on Adultwork. One is called Sexy Gemma but only advertises as a webcammer now (since ironically enough Chloe was outed - she was in the same group) and the other dropped off completely.
I found her here........ (after painstaking searching)
but she has never answered her phone when I have called.
an update for those interested.......

another crazy weekend, inclding missing out on AlexSummers - gutted!
But to make up for it, I managed to get another booking with Chloe - it had been bugging me. She got refused entry to ANOTHER hotel, but we were in no mood to miss out again, so around the corner to a travelodge we went.

Now I've gotta say, not only is she a really nice girl and a good looking one at that, but she has one of those fit as hell bodies, and my word is she good at what she does.
Best girl I've seen, well ever. Took me completely by surprise even though you thought she might be a bit dirty - mixed the GFE and PSE experience together brilliantly, and the words "Stick it up me ass" will live with me a while!
Wow, Chloe

That's one lady I do hope to meet with if I am ever in her neck of the woods.

I had an email conversation with her on AW before she was on the x factor, to see if she ever had any tour plans, but I think the media attention put paid to that idea.

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